9oz Westex Ultrasoft® Flame-Resistant Bandana (Non-Medical Grade / Non N95)

100% Cotton

Category 2 / ATPV 11.5/ NFPA 70E/CSA Z462/ ASTM F 1506
This bandana is one size fits all. It is a Unisex Design. It has been fitted to fit a ladies and man's face. Adjustable ties allows you to customize the fit.

These masks are Not Medical Grade N95 Masks and are not approved by FDA. These Masks are reusable and washable FR masks. These masks won’t prevent tiny respiratory droplets that can transmit viral illness, they will provide extra face coverage, assisting in preventing larger particles that can leave a person’s mouth when talking, coughing or sneezing. Using a fabric masks allows the N95 masks to be prioritized for medical workers.

Launder before use. Machine wash in warm water, Do not bleach, Tumble Dry at medium temperature, do not iron.

* Pack of 50 Each

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